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Bone, Horn & Wood Folders
Beautiful Motifs Hand-Carved and Laser Engraved

These beautiful bone folders are carved or engraved by our skilled artisans. Chino Crafts sources raw
materials strictly from abattoirs that are officially licensed to operate by the government of Nepal.
Our intention, involvement and action in buying and selling of animals is zero percent . As long as our
age-old tradition of consuming meat stays, this will require the safest and most hygienic disposal of
these animal byproducts. They serve as farm fertilizers and bring nourishment to food plants we

Crafters like ourselves have our own unique and lesser noticed way of contributing our little bit to do
away with these perishables. We elevate horn and bone to an art form. We breathe new life into them.
Our gifted carvers turn them into objects of art that will bring joy to millions!

We also bring to our customers folders in hardwood with motifs that are clever and stylishly engraved. Our bone folders come in lengths of  3" , 4" , 4 ½", 5 1/2" and 6".

                                                                           White Bone Folders


Bone Folder Rosewood Plain
Bone Folder Halu Honey Plain
Bone Folder Rosewood Engraved

Black Horn Plain & Carved

Bone Folder Origami Wood Engraved
20220825_102825 (1).jpg
20220825_102536 (1).jpg
Some more elegantly engraved bone folders wood
Alphabet Folder.jpg
Alphabet Folder.jpg
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